Conrad Black goes down, but not in a sexual way

Well, not for now at least.

His lawyers will appeal, of course, but it looks like Conrad Black could spend the rest of his life in jail.

I should be experiencing some schadenfreude at this point but I am not. Instead I just feel sad for the pompous old coot.

Punishment-wise, I think it would be just, as well as entertaining (not to mention edifying), to see him horsewhipped through the streets, as this is something he once wished on Linda McQuaig, rather than jailing him.

After all, he only did anything a typical rich Ayn Rand-style loudmouth would do, ie. screw his shareholders-- But hard-time in one of the Great Satan's medium security prisons? Unless he gets accepted into the Aryan Brotherhood, I don't like his chances...

(Maybe he will be able to buy off his potential assailants with gold kruggerands, like George Bluth Sr. did in Arrested Development?)

As much of a blowhard as Black is, I don't think he, or anyone for that matter, deserves that...

It is the difference between rehabilitation and punishment. If he is to be punished, then a good public whipping seems a lot more honest and straight-forward.