Barton and Torres
New Fave Premier League player: Joey Barton

Now that Craig Bellamy has exited the English Premier League, I have decided I need a new EPL favourite.

Sure, Mario Balotelli seems to have a lot going for him in the idiotic behaviour department, and Wazza is always good for a laugh, but ultimately I have decided to settle for Joey Barton, currently sporting a 50s-style rock'n'roll hairdo.

Caught in the high-tech graphic above calling Fernando Torres a 'poof', Joey is always up to something interesting!


Merry Christmas, Deadwood-style.

Deadwood Christmas

Via Bronz Age.


You ask, we search

In 2005-2006, I followed with interest the Hague war crimes trial of Slobodan Milosevic.

It always seemed fishy to me that he was found dead in his cell, mere days before he would have (in all probability) been found not guilty.

Now, the Guardian, one of the media outlets with full access to the Wikileaks cables, has created a page entitled You ask, we search, where readers can suggest subjects for research within the cable database.

Today I posted a request for any information regarding Slobodan Milosevic.

It will be interesting to see if anything comes up!


Future Lusail
Just in- Qatar, World Cup host for 2022

Somehow Qatar, a tiny country bordering on the Red Sea, has landed the 2022 World Cup.

Aside from lots of people pointing out that alcohol is illegal and homosexuality a crime there, the most interesting fact that I have gathered from this is that none of the physical infrastructure exists yet, not even Lusail, one of the host cities.

The graphic at the top of this posting is an artist's conception of what Lusail is going to look like, gleaned from the site Lusail.com. Looks pretty good, eh?

Comparing this picture with images I gathered from google maps, I can't doubt the imagination of the artist. Still, there is something very, very fishy about Qatar's successful bid.