Pop song of the summer

Last year, We No Speak Americano was the viral hit of the summer.

This time it's PONPONPON, preformed by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

To quote Sarah Proud and Tall:

I can’t stop watching. It’s like eating marshmallow while bathing in fairy floss inside a sugar house that David Lynch built inside John Waters brain.

Watch it on YouTube.


Jack Layton before and after

Why does it seem like it's always the good ones that go first?

J-Lay died of cancer today at age 61. As an example of how unfair life is, consider that Stephen Harper will probably live to be 100.


Barclay's Premier League
2011-12 EPL predictions
I was waiting for the Charity Shield before publishing my prediction, since I wasn't sure about whether to pick Man City or Man U. as the winners.

I have decided on Man City. This might seem counter-intuitive, since Man U. won the game. However, this game gave me my first look at the new Man U. goalie, David De Gea, and he looked like Ben Foster all over again.

Other controversial picks would be Arsenal out of the top four, and Liverpool placing third, above Chelsea:

Manchester City
Manchester United
Elevator plans
This sign was posted this week inside the entrance to Metro Hall. Ah, the City. They are probably being optimistic, though, if they think it is only going to take 2 years to fix those elevators.