A bit much?

Whilst passing through the CBC building at lunch today, on the hunt for a reasonably priced Bagel and Lox, I couldn't help but notice the towering visage of Rick Mercer dominating the main lobby.

A bit much, surely? He must be very full of himself if he's not embarrassed every time he walks by it...
Tony Blair's skull and a tomahawk
Famous author calls for execution of Tony Blair

George Macdonald Fraser isn't dead, after all. Here he is, writing under the nom-de-plume of Harry Hutton at "Chase me, ladies, I'm in the Cavalry" (quoted in its entirety, that is how much I like it):

Interesting piece in The Times about what Bomber Blair is up to these days. As you know, my campaign to have him hanged has yet to bear fruit, though these are early days, and after he resigned as PM he started looking around for new ways of “making the world a better place”.

The UN, the European Union, the United States and Russia appointed him Peace Envoy for the Middle East, and within a few months the locals were tearing each other limb from limb, much as I expected.

How did he do it? “I was on the phone to the Arabs, the Americans and the Israelis and the Americans the whole time,” he explains.

Even by his own standards, he has done a marvellous job as Peace Envoy. Really first-class.

In January 2008, J P Morgan Chase took him on as an advisor, plunging the bank into a crisis from which it may not recover. “Our firm will benefit greatly from his knowledge and experience", they said. Over the next year the share price halved and profits plunged by more than 80%, much as I expected.

Now he’s helping to modernise Rwanda. Woe to that land that appoints Blair to modernise it! His normal way of expressing concern and trying to help is to send the RAF to destroy their infrastructure. I don’t know what precise form the catastrophe in Rwanda will take –could be genocide, could be a plague of frogs- but it will come. And if the Americans ever ask his advice on resolving the financial crisis he may yet succeed in ruining us all.

I honestly believe him to be insane. And the fact that this very dangerous lunatic is still poking his nose into the Middle East shows that Blair remains one of the most serious threats to our national security, and that his arrest and execution should be matters of the highest priority.

Bravo, Harry Hotspur! You are keeping the dream alive. In the past I myself have called for the removal of Tony Blair, by any means necessary. (In retrospect, I prefer the 'tomahawk option', but then again tomahawks are hard to find these days.)

On the other hand, don't forget, my old chum Gorgeous George Galloway explicitly said he did not endorse assassination attempts on Tony Blair. At the time, I thought this a bit 'wet' of him but time seems to have shown his wisdom, at least in this matter.



biz nerds
Revenge of the Business Nerds

I was at the Sheraton Hotel at lunch today, and found that, once again, it had been over-run by business nerds, erm, that is to say, those young over-achievers from DECA Ontario. Dare to Dream!

They all look like Alex P. Keaton clones for a reason. From the 2008 DECA provincials website:

Be sure to be in proper business attire. Full business suit for males with dress socks and dress shoes. Blazer or business suit with dress blouse, or skirt with dress slacks with dress louse or dress sweater or business dress with stockings for females. No skirts shorter than 1/2” above knee. Hair off of face and dress shoes are required as well.

Note: these overly focussed youngsters don't have to carry around briefcases, etc., they do it because they want to.

I even saw one guy, who looked about 14 years old, wearing a yellow and orange bow tie! A bow-tie, for Crom's sake! He looked like Tucker Carlson, but on purpose!