I hate the fucking TTC

Today was the first day at my new job, based at Metro Hall, and it coincided with yet another epic snowfall, courtesy of that malignant old pisser Wotan. Which led, comme d'habitude, to massive incompetence on the part of the TTC.

Our old friend, the streetcar, is once again to blame. Would someone, anyone!, please explain to me why the TTC continues to run streetcars on 'snow days', A.K.A. when streetcars don't preform for shit, due to being continually blocked by parked vehicles so far away from the curb that streetcars are forced to grind (and I do mean grind)to a halt?

The upshot? I was forced, with one hip already replaced and the other well on its way, to walk the 5 km home over 10 cm of unevenly trampled snow.

I even felt a few new twinges of pain in my unreplaced hip, and was forced to stop half way home for 2 Smithwick's and a plate of bangers, mash, and baked beans. (My restaurant bills are killing me. Killing me! Even the simple peasant fare noted above added another 30$ to my burgeoning credit debt.)

At least this painful and infuriating experience gave me the excuse to start using my Volcano a few hours earlier than usual.

Please, Wotan, either give us a break with the weather or bring on Ragnorak.

I can't take this much longer!