hitler christmas dinner
Christmas sucks

Stolen from Ken Levine.


Dion Ignatieff
Maybe Ignatieff isn't as bad as I thought

Based on his interview on The Hour, with George Stroumboulopolous, I think it can be said that the Iggster has, somehow, somewhere, developed an actual personality! (Alongside his default personality of 'condescending snob', of course.)

Plus, he deals with the question of his early support for the invasion of Iraq, amongst other topics, with enough grace and 'class' that my opinion of Iggy has rocketed from a 2 up to a 7.

Ah, the wonders of media exposure.

Still, early days. It is entirely possible i could regain my old dislike and distrust of Iggy, depending on his actions over the next month.


shoe thwown at bus

A low-tech rendering of Bush's latest adventure


Leadership skills counselling
Leadership skills counselling
from GABLE.


Rick Mercer- calling them the way he sees them

From last Friday's Globe and Mail:
Here we are faced with a global economic crisis. Nations all over the world are struggling to figure out how to protect their citizens — who are terrified. We've seen unheard of cooperation between political rivals all over the industrialized world.

But not in Canada. Not with Stephen Harper. Not on his watch. No my friends, he has one goal and one goal only and it has nothing to do with governing: how can he use this crisis to destroy the opposition?

And wouldn't you know, he almost did it.

Stephen Harper decided Canada doesn't need a stimulus package; all we needed to do was cancel the subsidy that political parties get.

Which would have saved the government about $26-million. That's about the same amount Harper spends on bodyguards every year when he visits danger zones like Thunder Bay or Nunavut.

But the real upside for Harper, of course, is that the entire opposition would have been crippled or destroyed. It gives me great faith to know that as our economy crumbles Harper is on the case trying to come up with new an innovative ways to cutback the Green Party's office budget and bankrupt the Liberals. And then the world will be a better place.

Maybe he has a point. Maybe that's why Canada keeps refusing to give the man a majority. It's not because he's a mean little man obsessed with revenge, but because we just have too many choices. We go to the voting booth and get confused. Like that first trip to Baskin Robbins.

Maybe we'd all just be better off if Conservative was the only flavour on the menu.