Another view of the LOST Hatch-map

(DON'T click on the image! I am still figuring out how to work with the blogger.com CSS, and all it does now is reproduce itself in a new window.)

This one has an overlay of the scrawled comments on the door, including a handy latin translation key.

If I had the time (ie. I was unemployed, or "at leisure", as they say) I would take the time to compare this overlay with the other versions of the map out there, just to make sure I wasn't helping to distribute disinformation.

For, now, however, I will have to accept this map as it is presented.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful new layout and design you have.

PALGOLAK said...

Thank you anonymous, that is very kind!

However,I should point out that all I did was change the palgolak blogger template from what was there previously to what we see now.