An idea for a Shootout replacement

Sudden death overtime, 1 new substitute in each period for 2 20-minute periods. After 2 periods, 2 players are allowed to be substituted in each period, including redcarded and previously replaced players, and the periods should continue INDEFINITELY.

Let's stop the madness! Perhaps this would avoid the spectacle of Portugal, one man up, playing defensively in extra time in hopes of a shootout.


The Commentator said...

I'd keep it at two 15-minute halves and begin to drop players or at least be allowed to sub more. You're on the right track. By the way, I remember some Italian guy suggest something similar after Brazil's win in 1994 and he laughed at. Every person with a sense of fair play would agree that determining a chmapion via a shoot out is farcical. This is not to demean Italy's win as the rules are the same for everyone and many countries have benefitted from it, but for the final it should be different. Sad thing is that we may see this in the NHL one day.

The Commentator said...

Funny story by the way. You asked me what my heritage was - all I will say is that I'm 3rd generation CANADIAN - even though Canada does not impress me much these days. BUT, in 1995 a few of us got together to petition FIFA to remove shoot-outs in the FINAL GAME soon after Brazil's win over Italy. We were dismissed by many as sore losing wops. Harsh words since we were a mix of nationalities who were soccer fans first. Interestingly, people are suddenly against it. If we were to start up again people would rush to sign. Hmmm, wonder why. Sad, really. The reality is that there aren't many true soccer fans 'round here. Just interloping prejudiced folks who cling to selective perceptions about various countries. Actually, I may make this a post! Later.

viva portugal!!! said...



Anonymous said...

I came across this blog accidentally. What I had hoped would be a thoughtout discussion of serious issues was nothing more than poorly considered insults and comments about looks and facial expressions,(circa 3rd grade). But all in all, for a non-thinking blog writer that jumps on the "mock-bush and republicans" band wagon without an original thought, for a high school social studies project, it would probably pass.

PALGOLAK said...

"a thoughtout discussion of serious issues"?

Man, you sure did come to the wrong place. For "a thoughtout discussion of serious issues" may I suggest the Commentator?