Well, I got what I wished for...

And now Stéphane Dion is the leader of the Liberal Party. I should be happy, and I was very, very happy when I heard the 3rd round results. Why, then, do I now have this feeling of doom in the pit of my stomach?

I'll tell you. By Sunday, columnists in the Toronto Star (?!?), let alone the other papers, were commenting on how pathetic the Liberal Party will be with Dion leading it. A response to my previous posting seems to sum it up: Dion as the Liberal leader is handing Québec to the separatists.

Despite how often I hear this, I still do not understand the logic. What does it matter if Québec sovereigntists will stay away from the Liberals under Dion? Wouldn't they vote BQ anyway?

Would it be better that sovereigntists pretend to support the Liberals under, say, Iggy, then betray them later, Like Bouchard & co. did to the Mulroney Conservatives?

When Dion and Kennedy made a deal to move their support to the stronger of the two on the second ballot, the idea was that Kennedy and Dion were both strong in their home provinces, and almost non-existent in their ally's home ground. So this implies to me that Dion does have strength in Quebec. (Or, that Kennedy isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. Zing!)

Be a little more optimistic, all you Liberal power-hungry sluts. For once, you have chosen (distractedly, it seems) someone who isn't part of the red-tie/expense-account-padding establishment.

The next general election could be framed, for example, as a clear choice between a 'Nice Guy' and an 'Asshole' (as my dad would say). What more can you ask for?

Maybe you won't be seen as such opportunistic whores this time! Cheerfully abandon that perogative to the Conservatives would be my advice.


Anonymous said...

He will do a fine job as next PM. We need to worry about our environment and this will be high on the agenda. As some other clown alluded to he will not cow tow to the PQists. He is known as a hard liner where sovereignist issues are concerned. Being Liberal he will not be stooping to the level that our current puppet is and that is and that is one of a starry eyed kid who looks up at George Bush aka Schrub and a moron to boot as some type of hero.

PALGOLAK said...

Well at least *one* person agrees with me. Thanks for the backup, yo.

The Commentator said...

The notion that Harper is a puppet of the Americans is slightly selective. The Liberals have been the right arm of America for decades. The only difference is that they have been skillful at keeping Canadians numb about it. The cold hard reality is that the LIberals do not desrve power until they clean their act up. They have no ideas. They are a party gripped by special interest and what the polls say. Hello, Gomery! Stealing from YOUR pockets. Not sold on Dion - at all. Salut le grand.