Toronto FC
Toronto F.C. opens at home

to a sold out crowd!

Just as importantly, by being trounced by some team from the bloated belly of the Great Satan, they displayed a true awareness of local tradition and I, for one, appreciate their effortless ability to fit in with local 'sporting culture'.

Right now they are 0-4 in the league, with zero goals scored. Inquiring minds should note that this is the same record (and number of goals scored) Canada compiled in its one World Cup appearance, circa 1986.

BlogTO has a posting with a bunch of photos from what looks like a pretty enjoyable occasion. Except for Tall Boys™ of Carlsberg at $8.50 each. Ouch!


Anonymous said...

Soccer is for school girls...the diving, the stretchers for some peacock having taken a tap on the arm then dropping like he's been shot...gimme a break.

This should last about 4 years.

Stillkicking said...

Hmmmm, what is it about the beautiful game that makes rednecks attack ? Is it that the game involves tactics and teamwork? That the goalkeeper has an advantage which is unusual in team sports ? As for diving, having played and coached and reffed (spelling??) the game, I know it exists. I also know that a skilled defender can time it so that he takes your legs out from under you at the perfect moment. So the balance between possible pain and possible Oscar worthy acting is part of the spectacle of the game. Relax and enjoy it. If you are right and I have only 4 years of Toronto FC, I will savour every minute.

PALGOLAK said...

Good for you, stillkicking!

The first commenter is probably a BASEBALL fan, fercrissake!!

Homeplug said...

You won't find more fit athletes on the planet anonymous moron! I have to chime in...too much diving though...I'm a hockey fan and I'm seeing that culture running rampant.