Needed: a Stephen Harper archive?

The number of malevolent, stupid, ignorant and/or outright lying statements made by the Prime Minister (or his puppets) has reached the point that I find it hard to keep track them down when I need to refer to a particular instance.

Maybe it is time for a Harper Archive!

Since I seem to have time on my hands, I thought I might create one (a popular UI time waster).

But first, I did a search to see if anything similar exists, in the style of stopiggy.com (now defunct, and that is stop iggy.com, not sto piggy.com, which also makes a kind of sense as long as 'sto' means something derogatory in a slavic language.)

I found one! The Harper Index. Now I don't have to splash the cash for a domain name, hosting, and the like.

Harper the Leather CowboyWhile the Harper Index doesn't seem to include a library of unfortunate Harper photo opportunities (which I would have made a centrepiece) it still saves time by providing a plethora of links to what the Evil Spock really thinks.

The Harper Index is far from perfect, but I hope that it will expand its raison d'etre in the months ahead.

Perhaps a blog? A forum? Web 2.0 is like a weakened and desperate immigrant, eager to be exploited.


The Commentator said...

Hey Mr. Professional, I fixed the link.

Thanks for letting me know.

As for Harper, all this may be so, but where was the CHRETIEN INDEX?

That's why these indexes make me laugh. If you do it for one do it for all.

PALGOLAK said...

But there is no need for a Chretien index! (I must point out that the Commentator has a somewhat unhealthy fixation on Chretien).

Compiling a Chretien Index would be like compiling one on John Turner or John Crosbie, AKA an act of irrelevance.