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Revenge of the Business Nerds

I was at the Sheraton Hotel at lunch today, and found that, once again, it had been over-run by business nerds, erm, that is to say, those young over-achievers from DECA Ontario. Dare to Dream!

They all look like Alex P. Keaton clones for a reason. From the 2008 DECA provincials website:

Be sure to be in proper business attire. Full business suit for males with dress socks and dress shoes. Blazer or business suit with dress blouse, or skirt with dress slacks with dress louse or dress sweater or business dress with stockings for females. No skirts shorter than 1/2” above knee. Hair off of face and dress shoes are required as well.

Note: these overly focussed youngsters don't have to carry around briefcases, etc., they do it because they want to.

I even saw one guy, who looked about 14 years old, wearing a yellow and orange bow tie! A bow-tie, for Crom's sake! He looked like Tucker Carlson, but on purpose!


The Commentator said...

I miss Alex P. Keaton.

PALGOLAK said...

I do too, Commentator, I do too...

Connie Lingus said...

Personally I thought Skippy was the bomb!