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I am developing strong feelings for Craig Bellamy

Misshapen, tattooed freak Craig Bellamy was someone I have discounted since I started following the English Premier League. Besides being short, argumentative, and tattooed (mentioned again, just to make sure the point has been made), Bellamy also runs like a girl.

So, I considered him a worthy target of my spite, even though I freely admit that I don't really know what I am talking about.

This season, however, with Setanta Broadband actually allowing me to see the EPL matches I want to, I have to admit that Bellamy is fantastic. He has been one of Manchester City's brightest lights, showing levels of grit and determination that have made him the de facto City captain with six goals and six assists in the league thus far.

Two incidents this season in particular serve to illustrate Bellamy's spirit:

Craig Bellamy

Last Wednesday, against Man U, he was taking a corner kick when he was struck by a coin thrown by a Man U supporter.

Did he do a 'Christiano Ronaldo' and milk the moment for all he was worth?

No sir, he did not. He stood there dazed for a few moments, rubbing the back of his head, then carried on with the corner kick.

In the second incident, against Bolton, Bellamy was shown a second yellow card for 'simulation' (A.K.A. 'diving', or 'falling down for no real reason').

Now, Craig Bellamy can be fairly accused of a lot of things, the story of his drunkenly attacking a team mate with a golf club being the most interesting incident in a long pattern of unpleasant behaviour, on and off the field, but being a diver? Bellamy would probably be the last person on the planet to demonstrate such effete, Christiano Ronaldo-like behaviour.

As then-Manager Mark Hughes said after Bellamy's sending off:

Craig Bellamy is not going to change. He will moan and groan [on the pitch] but that is part of his make-up. People should know that now and not take offence. We don't. But I have not seen him dive. That is not part of his make-up, he is not a cheat.

Not a cheat, a possible EPL Player of the Year!

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