capitalism abolished
Capitalism abolished!

Today I took part in yet another "peace march" in downtown Toronto. While I believe that these sorts of things are a waste of time, especially when the main point of reference is the Iraqi occupation (which Canada is not, thus far, involved in), I still went because it was a sunny, relatively warm day and I find that involving myself in these events relieves, to a certain extent, that feeling of bitterness and cynicism that sometimes comes upon me.

As I had predicted would happen, a couple of times during the march I got "misty", as the Fonz would say.

Anyhoo, good exercise, more than enough vitamin D absorbed via sunlight, a warm feeling that perhaps humans in general aren't scum.

Maybe there is some value to these events after all!

Looking south along University Avenue towards the U.S. Consulate. (Addendum: photo credit Marta, again.)

Counter-demonstrators. A couple of dudes standing around, one waving a U.S. flag, the other wearing a U.S. flag as a cape.

Marta fighting the power.

One of Marta's artistic shots.

Marching along Yonge Street.

Marching along Yonge Street.

Who knew the Pakistani flag was so attractive? I sure didn't.


beezee05 said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

Yes nice day. Nice flag. Marta is hot.

Anonymous said...

yes, marta is really hot. so much so that i wrote her this poem:


Penso que devo ter adormecido por algum tempo;
Pois quando acordei tinhas vindo e partido.
Apenas algumas flores permaneciam –
Flores que não podiam sequer dizer quem eram...
E uma fragância vaga e suave no ar.

Esta noite tenho de sonhar um sonho mais longo
Para que as flores falem
E a sua fragrância estenda uma trémula ponte
Entre nós.

Hasta siempre, guapa

PALGOLAK said...

Come on, anonymous, give me a break.

This is Pacito, right? How else would you know that Marta is Portugese?

PALGOLAK said...

It is a very romantic gesture, tho. ;-)

shabbir said...

tats my dad..........ya......go pakizzZZZzzz