Serbian Takeout

A Bosnian colleague of mine ordered in Serbian takeout for a meeting that was held during lunch today. If I was a little more "on the ball", as my dad used to say, I would have had my digicam with me and could have taken some snaps.

As it is, all I can say is that the Ćevapi (minced meat rolls- apparently a speciality of Sarajevo) was very tasty. (I had hoped that others would agree to exchange different small portions of the various menu items present, so that I could have a taste of everything, but I was very much disappointed.)

Some colleagues even had the gall to complain that they received smaller portions than others (figure it out, niggah! Barbequed shrimp is going to be smaller in quantity compared to "minced meat" when both entrees are the same price!), but luckily the consensus amongst the team was that this was a great break from the dreary routine of pizza.


beezee05 said...

I hate those fooking whingers....never can please those bastards.

beezee05 said...

Selling out to the man?

PALGOLAK said...

I think breezee05 might be gay.

Not the hopeless, out there, living their life to the fullest gay, but gay. There, I said it.

You can still be in a relationship, with kids and still be, underneath it all, gay.

So get you to the dufferin mall food court washroom!