Ba-ZING!! Bush gets publicly bitch-slapped!

Face to face. I found it a little embarassing to watch, actually, but that is probably because I am a Canadian and we are generally uncomfortable with face to face confrontations.

Stephen Colbert headlined the Annual White House Correspondents' Dinner. In the course of doing so, he got to zing Bush to his face-- it is something to see!

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seandunleavy said...

Hey, Palgolak.

It's Sean, from that LOST site. Cool blog.

I saw that Colbert clip the other day - did he ever sock it to Bush! Given the tone of Colbert's nightly show, I don't know why they would give him that opporunity in the first place. If they thought he'd be intimidated into submission, were they ever wrong.

The Commentator said...

I spend a good deal reading satire and its history. I just don't see the 'genius' in what Colbert and his colleagues do. Politicians are WAY too easy a target it makes it almost not funny. That's just me. But he's funny as hell I must admit. Love his interviews. Enjoy your site.

PALGOLAK said...

I think the main thrust of Colbert's routine was supposed to be more cerebral, as opposed to the admittedly funny slapstick of, oh, say, a tape of W looking under the sofa for weapons of mass destruction (WMD,fyi).

It was funny because it was true. Just not ha ha funny.