Is Marcus Gee a paid White House Stooge?

Remember when the U.S. administration announced a little less than a year ago (right around when Marcus became the Globe and Mail editorial writer) that they were going to start planting pro-USA articles in foreign media?

I didn't pay attention (therefore I have no immediate link for this). Why should I care overmuch if the US is attempting to upgrade their image in Cairo, or Jakarta, or wherever, through the sneaky payoff of foreign opinion makers?

I guess that acknowledging, and modifying (sp?), the injustice at the heart of US foreign policy would be too much. Instead, they are still beating the dead horse about how the US is a "light unto the world". (Maybe a "gaslight unto the world", considering how much gas issues through their collective blowholes.)

Anyhoo, a posting at What's Left got me thinking. In part:

According to the July 31st issue of Marcus's own newspaper,

"The office, which has been operating unofficially for months, will work with foreign journalists and broadcasters to create positive images of the US that do not appear to be propaganda." The office, the newspaper goes on to explain, reports directly to the White House.

Propaganda that does not appear to be propaganda, prepared by foreign journalists working with a US agency reporting directly to the President? Hmmm.

This is only a sidebar to the main thrust of the article, which is certainly worth a read.

Previously I have complained about Marcus Gee. This conspiracy theory confirms what I have always felt: Marcus Gee is the journalistic equivalent of Tom Jacobek.

And now that I think about it, I would be interested to know how well Tom and Marcus got along...

[Every day, I try to praise Wotan for the internet]


Anonymous said...

love the "from the hip" commentary. very entertaining stuff indeed.

Anonymous said...

Marcus Gee is the nadir of the paper's integrity. He is rabidly partisan and freely resorts to rank sophistry. Most recently he seeks to absolve Israel of all responsibility for slaughtering innocents in Lebanon by claiming Hezbollah is to blame. What a jackass. The senior management of The Globe must realize what a devious fool they entrusted with their paper's editorial voice and, therefore, Marcus Gee sets the benchmark for the integrity of The Globe and Mail. Sad, isn't it?

PALGOLAK said...

You got THAT right, Mogambo. Remove Heather Mallick, make a pathetic tosser like Marcus Gee Head Ed, and what is the result? An acceptable but irritating newspaper evolves into another National Post.

At least it isn't a Toronto Sun yet! But perhaps it is only time before columns like "Mommy Blogger" descend into the Gary Dunford style of journalism. Ie.list points. If you have ever read the Sun, you know what I am talking about.