I fail to understand how anyone can take these clowns seriously

From this morning's Guardian:

The deputy secretary-general of the United Nations was last night accused of making "a very, very grave mistake" after calling the Bush administration hypocrites who were feeding a right-wing anti-UN frenzy in middle America.

Washington's ambassador to the UN responded with undisguised fury to a speech by Mark Malloch Brown, the deputy secretary-general, in which he accused Washington of using the international body "almost by stealth as a diplomatic tool" while failing to defend it at home.

What I find really funny is wondering just what "Washington's ambassador to the UN" (John Bolton, pictured above) plans to do, bleed on him or something?


Anonymous said...
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The Commentator said...

I once debated in high school that the UN was an organization that needed to reorient itself. I believed it then and I believe it now. Only problem is that it's in worse shape now. France and Britain do not belong on the Security Council. In fact, there shouldn't be one. The U.S. has a completely different set of special circumstances and responsibilities than any nation on earth. That's the problem these days.

Anonymous said...

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