Kerala sticks it to the man,  part deux

Those CPI(M) swine in the Kerala state government are once again bolstering their Nazi bona fides, this time by pulling a "krystal nacht"-type manoeuver on Microsoft, that defender of the downtrodden.

From the New York Times (registration required):

In a new attack on multinational corporations, the Communist government in India’s southern state of Kerala is campaigning to eliminate Microsoft from use in public institutions, just weeks after it imposed a ban on Coca-Cola and Pepsi.
Microsoft was not being banned, he said, but the government was actively encouraging Kerala’s 12,500 schools to switch to the Linux operating system, available around the world free of charge.

P.S. Want to see another sexy photo of Bill Gates? I know I sure do, and I've got what you need! From an artistic perspective, please note that in this shot the sexy binder and foreground monitor props have been replaced by a fanned pile of 1.44 floppies, allowing Bill more space to splay himself comfortably across his desk.


Anonymous said...

1st a ban placed on the sale/purchase of Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Then a ban on the institutional use of Microsoft products.

The Indian government is obviously stepping on civil liberty rights.

Welcome Thought Police.

PALGOLAK said...

Actually, wouldn't "Thought Police" target "thought" (weird looking word, when you really look at it) in the form of books, newspapers, and other forms of media, rather than selectively limiting consumer choices, which is what is happening here?

Or are you suggesting that consumer choices are the ultimate in cognition?

Inquiring minds need to know!

Anonymous said...

Isn't India a Nazi state also. I thought I heard that there was a restaurant there that had a swastika in the logo and was called something like Hitler's Cross. If that's not latent nazism I don't know what is.

The_Razor said...

oh that's hot!!!