An appeal from the heart

I have searched high and low on the internet, but I cannot find that photo from last summer of Jack Layton and Olivia Chow in a canoe, paddling through a Canadian Shield-type landscape.

The reason I am obsessed with that shot is that, at the time, I ignored it as another meaningless photo opportunity. Then, later, I read a column (I forget where) in which the writer stated that Jack Layton was the only person he had ever seen that could look indignant while paddling a canoe.

This got a big laugh from me because, in my mind's eye, Jack did look angry about something, like maybe someone off-camera had loudly farted.

Maybe it is the moustache? It looks bristly and, well, indignant. As supporting evidence of my theory, I cite 'Gorgeous' George Galloway. He has a closer cropped, toothbrush-style moustache, but he also looks indignant, almost by default.

Truth be told, I would grow a moustache if I could, be damned the grey hairs!

Anyhoo, does anyone out there have a graphic of that shot that they can send me?


Homeplug said...

I believe this gentleman's appearance is an evolution of that of one named Adolf... 'member him?

Anonymous said...

Want to see Jack go to NDP site

PALGOLAK said...

That's it!

Thanks very much, 'anonymous'.

PALGOLAK said...

I must qualify my previous response. Having reviewed the images on the ndp website, I conclude this is NOT what I am looking for.

Since Jack is smiling (as far as I can tell, since they are very low resolution) he cannot look indignant.

They must have taken at least 50 shots. The 2 at NDP headquarters are a bit sad. Maybe they are trying to save money?

More help, please!