American Tourister

Can you think of a worse name for a company that produces luggage? 'American' is bad enough, 'Tourister' is just an irritating made-up word that caps it off. Why not write "KILL ME" on some masking tape and stick it on your forehead? At least you would be viewed with curiosity and/or fear, rather than distaste, contempt, and/or hatred.

Why do I own American Tourister luggage in the first place? Five or so years ago, I bought American Tourister luggage at a discount warehouse because it was really, really, cheap. So, apparently, did everyone else. My luggage looks exactly the same as 50% of the other bags dropping from the hopper.

My personal identifiers are green ribbons tied to the handles with "One Ireland" printed on them in white.

Before my next trip, I plan on putting masking tape over the pseudo-metal permanent logos on the luggage (an example of which is highlighted in the screengrab serving as a banner at the top of this posting) in an effort to avoid future bavardage.


Anonymous said...

Love the luggage identifier. Tiocfaidh ar la!

PALGOLAK said...


Even though I an not a dirty Fenian, I knew mentioning that particular luggage identifier would generate nothing but goodwill from strangers. I am grateful someone has finally proved out my theory.