Good golly! I was wrong, gracious me

It appears that I will have to rethink alot of my previous prejudices. We aren't witnessing Berlin '33 all over again. The Republicans are not the budding fascists I thought they were.

They are the incompetent, ersatz grand-nephews of fascists that actually knew how fix an election. Why would the Republicans suddenly be competent in this case (I hindsightedly ask myself), when they are so uniformly incompetent in every other way?

This is my mea culpa.


The Commentator said...

If the GOP is incompentent was does that make the frat house known as the Democrats? You do realize liberalism was destroyed a long time ago in that party, right? That with the current bunch of decadent intellectual minors liberalism will never be restored. That the media has built up political 'stars' who are but mere illusions. There are no grand ideas that stem from liberalism anymore. Think about it. LISTEN to what they say and HOW they say it. They are clueless. It's a strange bit of history that Kenndedy and other revered Dems. started their own wars, committed adultery while in office and made shambles of domestic policy too. Hmm, yet they never were tagged as 'fascists'. On a side note, that it was the Conservatives (importing the ideas from America and Europe) in Canada who introduced Canadians to the concept of social welfare and a 'compassionate' society. After all, they invented the CBC among other Crown 'corporations' while the Liberals were busy being continentalists. I digress. Here's a newsflash: did ever occur to anyone that America is not a fascist state. I studied Nazi Germany as part as my undergraduate studies. Personally, I can't think of a more inappropriate analogy. It seems that way on the surface but it's plain inaccurate. That's millionaire socialist, Upper West Side, punk talk. Just being devil's advocate here.

PALGOLAK said...

I think we agree on several points, but please allow me to clarify:

I despise the Democrats, and Clinton especially, for the very reasons you have mentioned. The Democrats are just as whorish as the Republicans, they just seem to be more openly flagrant about it (the sexual thing, not the financial thing. The Republicans are more flagrant financial whores).

I define fascism as the cozy conjunction where government, corporations, and compliant union officials (if any are still extant in the country in question) all conspire to increase their own power at the expense of the populace, classically through appeals to nationalism or religion.

Is the Great Satan exempt from this calculus?

I say no.

PS. Wasn't it the CCF in Saskatchewan that came up with social security? The conservatives? HAH! They repudiated the right of female suffrage up til 1935!

Don't make me look it up in wikipedia.

You have been warned.


The Commentator said...

Ah, wiki, wiki. Doesn't Rumsfeld look like one of those villains on Scooby-Doo? I think they're all financial whores.

PALGOLAK said...

I have no response to the last comment. I suspect the Commemtator may have been impersonated.

It is the only plausible explanation.

PALGOLAK said...

Or maybe he was drunk??