The Conservatives burnish their Global Warming credentials

I am sure everyone remembers how, after the Liberals selected Dion as their leader, the Conservatives were all aflutter, claiming that 'green' issues have always been top priority for them.

How have they decided to keep this claim of green-friendliness fresh for the public? Sponsor a NASCAR team, of course.

From the Edmonton Journal:

First, they took aim at Canadians who can't live without their Tim Hortons "double-doubles."

Now the federal Conservatives are going after the segment of the population that loves the smell of burning rubber.

The Conservative party has shifted its advertising strategy into a new gear and slapped the party logo on a NASCAR stock-racing car.

The big blue Conservative "C" made its debut Sunday on the hood and front side panels of car 29 of the Canadian Tire NASCAR series, the Canadian offshoot of the popular U.S. stock-racing circuit.

"This is just part of the ongoing process of reaching out to potential Conservative voters," said a senior party official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Ah yes, that elusive "moron" demographic. But I thought that the Conservatives had the moron vote already. Isn't it kind of like preaching to the choir?


Anonymous said...

Don't think this is necessarily a "moron demographic" but it sure doesn't compel me to vote Conservative more than it did to coerce me into taking up smoking before anti-tobacco legislation was instituted. That moronic mentality has all but guarantee that we will not have any Canadian driver's in the upper echelon racing series such as the real NASCAR or Formula One in the foreseeable future.

PALGOLAK said...

Perhaps 'moron' was a strong word to use, but still...

It boggles my mind that ADULTS are enthralled by watching noisy, polluting cars drive around and around.

If they were allowed to try to ram each other, that would be different. That would be, at least, some entertainment.

Do NASCAR fans feverishly debate when their heroes should have stopped for gas? Whether the new tire technology should have been used or not?

I find it baffling, to be honest.