Is that a Flag lapel pin?

Why yes, yes it is.

What was 'Spock' thinking? Was he trying to make sure that Sarkozy remembered which country his visitor was from? If so, it was a very thoughtful gesture.

Still, I imagine Russell Smith would say something sartorially judgemental like: 'A well dressed man should avoid wearing lapel jewellery during the day unless, of course, he is dressed in formal military attire'.

I have not watched Question Period for a while, so I was unaware that Spock has taken to wearing Flag-inspired jewellery next to his heart, à la George W. Bush.

It is just another example of how this Prime Minister seems to be slavishly aping some of the most hilarious pretensions of the Bush administration. Other examples that I can think of, off the top of my head: hostility to the main stream media, no photos of coffins arriving from Afghanistan, no flags at half-mast, no off-the-cuff comments from Conservative MPs, requiring people to stand when the Great Leader enters a room, and the belief that a lie, told often enough, will be accepted as fact.

I really don't understand what the pin is supposed to accomplish, aside from making him look like a Republican ball-cupper. Is it an appeal to the "Tim Hortons demographic"?

I just don't get it.


Take a close look at Harper's left hand. Its sausage-fingered, clammy-looking, fishbelly-whiteness (no makeup there) makes me think that Harper might in fact be a revenant. Wouldn't that be a rich one!

And it would explain A LOT! Steven Harper, Prime Minister and one of the undead...

The fact that Sarkozy is so (apparently) enthusiastically shaking Spock's other clammy, sweaty, corpse-like piece of meat is proof to me that Sarkozy has the makings of a truly effective politician.

Finally, Spock's ambivalent expression seems to express to me that he does not, in fact, like being touched. (But, then again, who really does when the sun is still "under the yardarm"?)

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Mike Hunt said...

Sartorial. Tremendous word! Your writing style appeals to the bowels of my spirit.