The NDP wins a seat in Quebec!

For the first time ever, as far as I know, the NDP has won a seat in Quebec.

Outremont, in the classy (meaning rich people of all races,creeds, and colours) part of Montreal, habitually votes Liberal.

This is good news from the perspective of a progressive person, and is well overdue. I have always wondered why the NDP didn't have a more significant presence in Quebec since Quebec's societal values (at least since the Quiet Revolution) seem more in tune with the NDP than the Liberals or Conservatives.

My thought is that the NDP is viewed in Quebec as an anglophone party, perhaps because of its prairie antecedents.

Admittedly, Outremont
isn't exactly a hotbed of frenchie separatists, but this is still a big win.

Unfortunately, there is a downside-- this will encourage weasels within the Liberal Party to start their backstabbing now.

That is WRONG. The time for the likes of Michael "Lurch" Ignatieff to start backstabbing is after the next election, if things go poorly.

If they start backstabbing now they are in danger of handing Stephen "Spock" Harper a majority in parliament.

And that, above all, cannot happen!


Ryan said...

Haha! The one with the beard! Anyway, it's only the second time the NDP has won in Quebec. Phil Edmonston won Chambly in a byelection in 1990.

The Commentator said...

Why do we equate voting NDP with progressiveness? As an artist AND a businessperson, the NDP is nothing but to me. They never have resonated with me. Does that make me un-progressive?

PALGOLAK said...

Commentator: not un-progressive. The word is "regressive".

The Commentator said...

Just answer the question!

PALGOLAK said...

Ahem. OK then:

No that does not make you un-progressive, that makes you regressive.

Dick Weed said...

How 'bout retrogressive?

The Commentator said...

Or unretrogressive?

PALGOLAK said...

I can't believe this thread died out!

Re-reading it, it is fascinating.

Unfortunately, I still forget what we were talking about...