Harper of Afghanistan

By MacKAY, lampooning Lawrence of Arabia, perhaps the best movie of all time. Liberated from the website of this is just to say.

Note how MacKAY has caught Harper's undead-like complexion. It is almost waxy in its iridescence.


The Commentator said...

Question: Maybe I am off but when the Liberals sent our troops into Afghanistan there wasn't much of an outcry. Now that Harper wants to see the mission through he is being chastised?

My friend is in the military. They believe in the mission. Many Canadians do too.
That has to count for something no?

I'm just saying.

PALGOLAK said...

The Liberals were wrong. Now they seem to be finally acknowledging it.

I have no idea what your friend's motivations might be, I just believe the doubling of one's yearly salary due to 'danger pay' is a plausible reason for 'believing' in the mission.

Plus, only someone in denial regarding human nature would refuse to admit that shooting a firearm is viscerally exciting.

I imagine shooting for real at 'bad guys' would be even more viscerally exciting.

The Commentator said...

I think they are more thoughtful then you're giving them credit for. His is based on a personal introspection.

PALGOLAK said...

So, your friend is some sort of a warrior monk.

But how representative of the troops is your friend?

My short-term experience in the Armed Forces left me to believe that the troops are basically a bunch of boneheads that can't or won't get a real job.

I did meet some smart, interesting guys too, but they were in the minority and absolutely *did not exist* at the NCO level.

Maybe officers were ok, too, but I wouldn't know because I never spoke with one.

Anonymous said...

This site doesn't update enough.

We just had a election. There has been tons of articles you could of blogged about.

your lazy.

The Commentator said...

Warrior monk - funny. I'll tell him...if I ever see him again.

PALGOLAK said...

Admiring this work of art further, I should point out how the cartoonist has managed to capture the quality of Harper's ivory, almost transluscent, skin tone.

In traditional folk wisdom in cultures across the world artists, just like dogs, can sense the undead.

PALGOLAK said...


*please* take it easy with the drama.

You can probably email him. Heck, if you are up late (or early) you could probably IM your desert-bound friend.