Negroes need not apply

An interesting graphic appeared above the fold on the front page of the print edition of the Globe and Mail today, accompanying the article "Tories target specific ethnic voters".

Since the Globe is run by a bunch of cheapskates, no online version of the graphic (a photo of a slide lifted from a Conservative party campaign document entitled Building Bridges with Ethnic Communities and New Canadians) is available. So, instead, I have used my encyclopaedic knowledge of html to reproduce the slide as best I can:

A Sample Outreach Strategy - Thornhill

  • Total population - 116,640
  • Visible minorities - 33,675 (29 %)
    • Chinese 12,610
    • South Asian 6,595
    • Black 2,665
    • Filipino 2,530
    • West Asian 2,355
    • Korean 2,660

  • 79% of visible minorities are viewed as CPC accessible communities

Interesting, n'est-ce pas?

All the minorities listed in this breakdown were bolded, except the black community. They seem to be the only community that isn't viewed as 'CPC accessible communities'.

Good for them! My problem is with the other minorities. Will they understand that the CPC's grand old traditions of intolerance and xenophobia run deep, way back to their Reform roots, and that these 'accessible communities' are only being wooed on tactical grounds?

I have met John Tory, Mr. Harper, and you are no John Tory.

If the Conservative Party of Canada does achieve a majority in parliament, these accessible minorities will soon see the true colours of the flat-earthers they helped elect.

Allah help those accessible minorities then! (I see 'West Asians' are one of the targeted groups, presumably because of their reputed intolerance for homosexuals and other deviants.)


Ryan said...

They probably use the phrase "the negroes are hip to our jive" in official conservative memos

Anonymous said...

Could the no-bold have been a mistake?

PALGOLAK said...


Of course it is possible. But if so I still wonder where that other 21% is coming from...

PALGOLAK said...


They would never do that, as I am sure you know.