Dogan Update

I had the opportunity, last weekend, of asking my elderly polish-canadian catholic relatives if they were 'dogans' and the response was universal. 'Dogan' is a pejorative term for Irish Catholics, not Catholics in general. Polacks have their own 'nicknames', it seems.

Another linguistic conundrum solved!


Ryan said...

The argument is not that the longer we live the more likely we are to develop cancer. We live longer now because of massive gains in public health, hygiene and medicine. Yet, now we are much more likely to get cancer because of environmental factors such as pollution, plastics and the food we eat.

PALGOLAK said...

I suspect ryan has accidentally posted a response here to a comment I made on his blog:

Even though ryan's comment has nothing to do with dogans, polacks, or even hunkies, for that matter, I will respond to his response to my comment on his cancer posting:

The longer one lives, the longer one is exposed to environmental factors, such as those listed in ryan's response to my comment on his posting in his blog. Thus, living longer increases the chances of catching cancer.

I think that clears up any potential misunderstandings that might or might not have taken place.

Peace out!

bfletcher said...

Thanks for clearing this up. The question has plagued me for decades!

PALGOLAK said...


No one likes a smart-aleck.