Having watched and learned from shows like Goodfellas and the Sopranos, I know what to expect when an authority figure tries to lure the victim into a deserted area, say an empty warehouse, or a parking garage, or in my case an empty eXcite centre... that way when things get ugly there will be no witnesses.

On Monday morning, I received an email from my manager to meet her at 10h00 sharp on the seventh floor of the building next door to our own (new, only been there a week) office.

Having been fired before, I knew the signs: Monday morning, an impenetrable email summons, a meeting in a place that I have never been before.

A classic corporate whack.

My boss met me at the glass doors at 10h00 sharp. Luckily, because, as I mentioned, the seventh floor was deserted and there was no one else to let me in if she wasn't there.

She activated the door, then escorted me past empty offices (empty except for the one where the man who would prove to be my 'outbound counselor' was busy unpacking his bags and assiduously avoiding any eye contact) to a meeting room where 3 eXcite desks had been arranged in a triangle formation.

One for me, one for my manager, and one for the heartbreakingly nervous HR representative. (I suspect this was her first firing. She was so nervous and cute!)

The upshot? A pretty good package, as far as I am concerned. I kept things classy (I had even packed up my belongings and took them with me to the meeting), so did they, so I think things worked out pretty well.

Off to Cuba for a week, starting tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I think I'm your "outbound counselor." And I'm hugely thankful for my parole from the dirty, negative environment that we were slave to for way too long. Remember Braveheart? FREEDOM!

PALGOLAK said...

Thank you anonymous, but I disliked braveheart.

Furthermore, I take this moment to comment that a tattoo, especially one of an Irish Cross, or some sort of other Fenian representation, is in bad taste.

Unless you are in Belfast, IMHO.

The Commentator said...

You know what would have made this a great short film?

If you're wife was the one doing the firing.

Not that I want to profit or make light of any of this.

I'm just saying.

PALGOLAK said...

An interesting point,Commentator, I felt very "visually aware" during my death walk.

If you are aware of the specific scene in goodfellas when a flunky is frantically waving Henry Hill's wife into the alley, it was a bit like that.

Except Henry Hill's wife had a choice, and I didn't.
Allahu akbar.