the American empire gets a new set of temporary managers

(This post's title was lifted from Chris Floyd's most recent posting, "WIBDI: A Prism for the New Paradigm".)

Anyone who thinks that Barrack Obama is going to be less of an imperialist punk than John McCain (or for that matter George W. Bush) is seriously deluding themselves.

From Dennis Perrin:

I know all of the arguments and apologia. I see the cultural angle. I recognize the historical element. Still, none of this has swayed me to vote for or otherwise support Obama... I've actually read his proposals, listened to his statements, and separated all that from the soaring rhetoric that sends white libs to the ground, trembling with the holy spirit. Obama promises to be a competent manager of empire, expanding the Terror Wars abroad while fortifying the police state at home. He wants to give tax breaks to those making under $250K? Super. That seems a fair trade-off with shredding more constitutional protections while killing and starving more poor people overseas. Recall his supposed "surrender" on FISA? That was when his presidency was anything but certain, and he sided with the privatized state. What do you think he'll "surrender" next, once he's ensconced in the Oval Office?

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