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Connecticut Man1 said...

Whomever told you about the high pay of GM workers forgot to mention the formula they used to come to those numbers. From a 2006 CNN article:

"The top pay for a GM hourly employee is $27 an hour, but with benefits and future health care costs GM estimates that hour of work costs the company $73.73. The flat wage works out to about $56,000 a year before overtime, so those taking a $140,000 buyout would get about 2-1/2 years of pay in the lump sum."

By that crazy way of figuring a salary EVERYONE EVERYWHERE with benefits and a retirement plan is a millionaire already, eh?

Just thought you would be interested. And thanks for the comment at my Blog. :)

PALGOLAK said...

Thank you, Connecticut Man1, for helping me understand the math behind the quoted figures.

(Connecticut Man1 is referring to a comment I made on one of his postings.)

Still, it just doesn't make any sense to me that Canadian autoworkers make more an hour than US autoworkers. It is flabbergasting...