It's as rational as tradition, I suppose

Liberated from Pharyngula. I got Sauron (but was hoping for Cthulhu).


Anonymous said...

My finger landed on Blog Archive. Hail Archives......

Connecticut Man1 said...

My finger landed between the obelisk and the lizrds. Seen anything written on giant lizard-like black obelisks that I can worship?

PALGOLAK said...


Using the finger is wrong, double plus ungood.

There were instructions, please follow them.

Connecticut Man1:

As well as committing the same error as Anonymous, you have betrayed a weak sense of self worth.

Was your (no doubt) beefy finger really exacltly placed between the obelisk and the lizard people?

Or did it look like it inclined the way you didn't like, and decided it was equal.

I wonder, which were you inclined to ?