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Adam Giambrone displays a startling lack of judgement

Today Adam Giambrone, City Councillor and head of the reviled TTC, withdrew from his bid to be the next Mayor of Toronto.

From the Star:

In a voice shaking with emotion, mayoral candidate Adam Giambrone Tuesday night admitted he had "intimate relations" with other women throughout most of last year.


The Star reported Tuesday Giambrone, 32, suggested in a Dec. 27 text message to university student Kristen Lucas, 20, that McQuarrie was in his life for "political" reasons. Lucas, who produced copies of extensive texting with Giambrone, said they had an intimate relationship that began when she was 19 and included sex on a couch in his City Hall office.

Fair play to the lad, of course.

Who wouldn't want to have sex in their office with 19 year old girls, especially on company time?

Very few people, that is who.

Still, the question must be raised concerning Giambrone's choice of people he was sharing bodily fluids with. Kristen Lucas (pictured above), is far from what I fantasise my intern would look like.

Not waif-like enough, if you know what I mean.

Instead, she looks a bit scary. And this is one of the shots she sent out thinking they made her look good.

She had occasional sex with Ad-Gi for a year or so. A week after he declares his campaign for mayor, she reveals she is his love slave, and sends a blogger her portfolio, saying that she wants good photos, rather than the ones that will get on the internet otherwise.

If the photo at the top of this post is any measure, this means that Giambrone, like many powerful (?) men before him, will have sex with anything not their wives.

I admit I stand outside the typical stereotype of a 40-something male but would you, if you were an aspiring politician, choose this person, model, actress, to deposit your sperm into? I would not.

There are a lot of cute 19 year olds out there. Why choose a unattractive gold-digger?

Adam, you never had a chance, because she chose you, the biggest schlemiel I have seen in a long, long time.

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