Have I lost my mojo?

It has been well over a month since my last posting and I have no doubt that I have disappointed my dozens of regular readers. I know this because several (well, two) of my colleagues have made mention of their disappointment in this matter. One colleague even made so bold as to question whether I was still drinking or not!

Well, I am still boozing, but being forced to remain 'dry' on several occasions for several days during my recent vacation certainly clarified for me some of the principal issues (or in the latest corpSpeak, 'opportunities') in my life.

Rather than collapsing into bed and instantly falling asleep, as is my wont, I was granted the rare privilege of going to bed early, then lying awake into the early hours, analysing my life and its meaning (short answer: 42).

Aside from laziness (and I find it very difficult to write these logs, especially the longer the time span between each one), I notice a change in myself, at least temporarily, regarding my world view.

When I first got back from vacation, I had a draft on 'the evils of tourism' already written in my head. As days turned to weeks, however, my indignation faded away.

Now, I am not irritated enough by anything to actually be driven to write. I have a warm apartment, as much cold potable water as I care to drink, and as much acceptable red wine as I care to swill.

I am sure that if I had remained in Canada, and had witnessed the grotesquerie of the Harper attack ads on Stephane Dion, I would have been outraged enough to at least post something.

But I wasn't here for that, and I still haven't watched them. I am saving them for when I enter 'warpath' mode, probably sometime soon, according to the forecasters.

Another election this spring? I would welcome that. I would feel energized again! I don't care how well the Conservatives are polling in Ontario, I know they are weak. And their leader? Especially weak.

Bring it on, to quote Steve's best buddy.

May the least whorish candidate win!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! All is right with the world. Palgolak rides again. "As is my wont". Great use of the English language. The blogosphere is one blogger richer today!

PALGOLAK said...

Thank you sir!

I believe that if, as they say, the english language is a living language, then it falls to someone to keep the old words alive.

Words like "wont", used as a noun.

At last, at least one person gets it!

The Commentator said...

Indignation has a funny way of fading some times.

Steve said...

"Bring it on"...the way Afghanistan is going, I'm not sure that Harper is going to be using the phrase any time soon, either.

If you're looking for indignation, head East, young man!

PALGOLAK said...

I am unsure what steve meant by that.

Are you, sir, implying Maritime disaffection, or Quebec?

Or even eastern Ontario? According to your profile you are a SW Ontarian, like myself, so I doubt this last possibility...