Take the "Test the Nation" test online

Courtesy of the CBC.

I did it and scored 48/60, which is good enough for me to not be too embarassed publishing the results. About average for white males from Ontario, if you check out the stats page.

Try it out youself!

N.B. it only seems to work in Internet Explorer, which is deplorable, especially for a public company like the CBC. What if a Linux user wants to take the test? I would think that the CBC is a little more "on the ball" than that.


It strikes me, in retrospect (not having the mental energy to examine the correct answers), that my lack of knowledge about apple products, and apple in general, probably hurt my score.

Why should I be relegated to the second tier of results simply because I am too frugal to indulge in apple products? The test deviser was no Scotsman, Jew, Korean, or Parsee, that is sure!

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