Further thoughts on my proposed "Yokel Index"

I have decided that avoiding places with Conservative MPs is probably the best measure of a locality, vis-a-vis its level of yokelness. Still, the heavy presence of war-supporting displays should also be included in any consideration.

Another thing for immigrant same sex couples to watch out for:

Kooky anti-government signs displayed along highways. There seems to be a lot of them, east of Oshawa and north of Highway 7 (if you know what I mean).

Driving around Clarington and Peterborough counties, I see a fair number of them, themed "BACK OFF GOVERNMENT--THIS LAND IS OUR LAND".

Leaving aside the questionable tactic of inviting the Government's attention, I must wonder that these signs are supposed to accomplish?

I have no idea what these "BACK OFF GOVERNMENT--THIS LAND IS OUR LAND" signs are on about, but it can't be good.


Connecticut Man1 said...

Blogroll Amnesty Day, and linking in general, should be a year round obsession, IMHO, and as mentioned in my previous comment at my Blog. You are never too late to participate palgolak. :)

PALGOLAK said...

I yearn to participate, connecticutman1, but I don't know how, I think.

I am now recprocally linked with the Field Negro, pushing me from technocratic blogrank 2,678,435 to 1,798,456, but I couldn't find other blogs to participate, aside from your own and Jon Swift.