Harper mails a letter
Stephen Harper mails a letter

In an effort to make myself post more oftener (sp?), I have decided to rename Fridays as "Foto Fridays". Every "Foto Friday", I plan to post an irritating photo of Stephen Harper.

The photo above, liberated from Rick Mercer is a prime example of a photo so galling it might permanently damage my gall bladder.

One possible explanation for this photo is that a sneaky member of the Papparazzi ambushed Mr. Harper as he innocently attempted to mail a letter. Ever gracious, even when having his privacy invaded, Stephen managed a forced grin for the camera.

The other possibility, which I believe to be the more likely of the two, is that this is yet another in a long, long line of staged photo ops with the PM engaged in everyday, all-Canadian activities such as pointing vaguely across a lake, pretending to listen as a guy points at some trees, or subjecting Nicholas Sarkozy to his corpse-like handshake.

I have built up quite the collection of ridiculous photos of Mr. Harper, and "Foto Friday" will give me the excuse to share them with you, my adoring public.


Anonymous said...

I like the one that he is on boat with no life jacket on?

PALGOLAK said...

Not easy to find, unfortunately.

PALGOLAK said...


More importantly, NOT RIDICULOUS ENOUGH!

ea sandy mackay said...

tomorrow is Friday...

PALGOLAK said...

Excuise me, ea sandy mackay, but for me, *any* day can be Friday, or not.

That's how I roll.